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Sun and beach

Sun and beach

Treat yourself to a beach-holiday in France, and enjoy the most popular beaches in Provence. Live the Mediterranean lifestyle! Choose from our handpicked hotels & apartments.

Rural France

Rural France

Immerse yourself in the traditional rural life in France. Discover the French countryside, and its rich gastronomy. Live your holiday in the middle of a vineyard in Alsace or Aquitaine!

City breaks

City breaks

Have a city break in France: during your cultural week-end in Paris, Carcassonne, Nîmes or Orange, discover some great monuments and museums. See our collection of hotels and apartments in the biggest French cities.

Authentic France

Authentic France

Experience the real French hospitality! Book your holiday in one of our handpicked “chambre d’hote” or little hotels, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet the French people.

Romantic France

Romantic France

Have a romantic getaway with your love in the most charming french landscape. Choose your destination from our boutique hotels in cities and quiet houses in the fascinating countryside.

Active holidays

Active holidays

Enjoy the rich French nature hiking, cycling, riding, rafting! Explore the mountains, hills, coasts, rivers and canyons to keep active during your holiday and immerge yourself in the local culture.


Handpicked hotels, apartments and villas in France

Experience the French hospitality and book your holiday in one of our selected hotels, apartments and villas in the most popular French regions. Contact us and discover some authentic places in Provence, Alsace, Normandy, Languedoc and Aquitaine. Visit the cities and the most famous monuments and museums of the country. Taste the French wines in the most renowned vineyards!

Welcome in France

You already visited France and you want to experience some more authentic places? You never went to France and you’re curious to visit the most popular destinations? We at In-France are passionate about France, and we travelled throughout the country to select for you some charming hotels and apartments. Receive our free advices on the best destination for you. Contact us to personalize your holiday in France.

Book your 2016 holiday in France

You know where to spend your next holiday in France, and you want to pre-book your hotel or apartment? It’s time to do it! The most popular hotels and apartments are often booked in advance. 

Destinations in France

In-France picked for some hotels, holiday apartments and villas throughout France, and selected 200 resorts in the most popular destinations. Learn more about these famous regions:


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Like in France you will also find a great selection of holiday accommodations in Italy and our sister company In-Italia has travelled through Italy since 1999, finding the best hotels, apartments and villas in all the Italian regions. In-Italia now offer more than 1400 selected holiday accommodations for you to choose from when you book your holiday in Italy. Some of the most popular destinations and regions in Italy are Tuscany, Liguria, Lake Garda, Sicily, Sardinia, the Amalfi Coast and Rome. Find inspiration for your Italian holiday and read personal descriptions and guest reviews of each holiday accommodation we offer in Italy.

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